Toby Chance selected as a DA Parliamentary candidate on the Gauteng list.

Toby Chance, managing director of Adele Lucas Promotions, one of South Africa’s most successful event and promotions organisers, has announced his candidacy for Parliament on the Democratic Alliance ticket.

Under his leadership, Adele Lucas Promotions have achieved a Level 1 BBBEE rating three years in a row, testament to their commitment to sustainable transformation.

Chance has a long history of working with communities through various initiatives, including the Soweto Festival Expo, which has become a major annual event for the residents of Soweto and neighbouring communities. Chance currently serves as Vice-Chairman of the Soweto Events Forum.

Chance says many of the initiatives that Adele Lucas Promotions have supported and organised, were mainly for the benefit of communities. In December they organised the Cape Town Summer Market which attracted over 200 000 visitors to the 250 stalls. An independent impact assessment estimated the economic impact of the market to be as much as R40 million, on an investment of under R2 million.

"Development and profit have equal prominence in our company mission statement. Any money raised from partnerships and sponsorships went to pay the large contingent of staff that we needed to stage these events, as well as service providers – many of whom, as we have stated on several occasions, were from the surrounding communities,” says Chance.

"There was never any doubt in my mind who the ultimate beneficiary of the Soweto Festival Expo ought to be: the community."

Toby Chance with DA supporters at the DA 6 Million Real Jobs march in Johannesburg, 13th February 2014 Toby Chance with DA supporters at the DA 6 Million Real Jobs march in Johannesburg, 13th February 2014

Chance says while he has declared his availability to serve South Africa in a different capacity, this time as a Member of Parliament (MP), the final decision rests with South Africans through their vote.

"I will be delighted to have the opportunity to contribute to building South Africa as an MP," says Chance.

He says all his current responsibilities, pending the result of the election due on May 7th, will be handed over to a team of capable colleagues, who will continue to make Adele Lucas Promotions and its partners proud.

"The legacy of its founder will continue to live on." concludes Chance.

This website was launched in October 2008 to coincide with the publication of my book, Lighthouses: The Race to Illuminate the World, co-authored by Peter Williams. Due to my selection as a Parliamentary candidate for the Democratic Alliance (see statement below) I have made some temporary changes.

The site will be re-launched with
a new look and feel after the election on May 7th.
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